Tata Motors chosen as India's Most Trusted Brand in Cars

Tata Motors has been chosen as India's Most Trusted Brand in cars in a Readers Digest / AC Neilsen consumer survey. Importantly, the survey was done through an unprompted questionnaire – it means that consumers spontaneously chose Tata Motors, without any cues of any names.

The survey simply asked respondents to name their single most trusted brand in each of the 42 categories covered, on a five-point scale, on six qualitative dimensions – trustworthiness, credible image, quality, value, understanding of customer needs and innovativeness.

The categories covered included cars, hotels, airlines, banks, mobile service providers and handsets, watches, household goods, FMCG etc.

Readers Digest has been conducting this survey annually since 1999. It is conducted among the magazine's readers in several Asian countries, including India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The respondents are told to name the most trusted brand in each category in their respective country.