Tata Motors wins the Golden Peacock Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance

Tata Motors has received the prestigious Golden Peacock Award, for Excellence in Corporate Governance for 2011. Mr. Hoshang Sethna, Company Secretary received the award, on behalf of the company, from Mr. Mark Hoban, Finance Minister, UK, at the 11th International Conference on Corporate Governance, in London.

The Institute of Directors introduced the award, in 1992, to celebrate and honour best organizations and recognize unique achievements in brand building. The Golden Peacock award is recognized worldwide, as the hallmark of corporate excellence.

Justice P N Bhagwati (former Chief Justice of India and Member, UN Human Rights Commission) headed the distinguished jury panel consisting of Dr. Ola Ullsten (former Prime Minister of Sweden), Lt. Gen. Surinder Nath, (former Vice Chief of Indian Army & former Chairman, Union Public Service Commission) and Dr. A N. Saksena (former Financial Advisor, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas).